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Head over heels in France

Falling in love in the lot
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Jahr: 2013
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When Samantha Brick's life started to unravel - her company in liquidation, homeless, penniless and friendless, and on max-strength anti-depressants - it seemed that everything was going wrong. But a chance week away in France led to the most unexpected of all turn-arounds: a whirlwind romance with gun-toting, stubborn and ever-so-macho Pascal. It wasn't until she moved in to his cottage in the beautiful Lot region in south-west France that she realised how shamefully ill-equipped she was for the country life. Like Cinderella in reverse, Samantha had to learn to cook, clean, chop wood and keep house, as well as discovering how to be a step-mum to Pascal's know-it-all ten-year-old son, finding love and happiness along the way.


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Jahr: 2013
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ISBN: 9780857658890
Beschreibung: 235 S.
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